Categories are needed before the concept of “use” and “how to propulsion” under know:
Tools: These tools are used by the user and manually. Such as grafting knife.
Non-motorized vehicles: These vehicles are relatively light and can be carried by the user during work or on the ground is pulled or pushed. Such as non-motorized brushcutters, backpack sprayer cylindrical.
Motor vehicles: Force required moving parts of the equipment with a combustion engine or electric supply and can be divided into three categories:
Manually (such as pruning engines)
Rear (motorized knapsack sprayer)
Invalid (lawn mowers plate)
Tractor equipment: Equipment by tractor to fail, and may be provided in addition to the traction force of the tractor, the tractor is connected to the transmission power and make it move. As:
Behind tractor sprayer.
Autonomous cars: these cars have engines that are the driving force required to meet the moving parts work force to move the device to device, like wheels
Lawn mowers Authority.


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